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Bornt in 1991 in Italy, Luca Poerio moved to London after finishing his high school studies. He spent one year and half in London, and then decided to study photography. He thus moved to Madrid, where he completed a professional course in photography at EFTI.

Afterwards, he travelled to Mexico to work 6 months as a photographer. He then decided to move back to Madrid to start the Contemporary Photography Master & Personal Proyect in the photography school EFTI.

During the Master he started to crate handmade collages without any specific knowledge about existing and common techniques, so he invented his own, which consists in the use of tape instead of glue and paper.

This allowed him to discover a new side of the collage, which is usually not available because glued to the paper.

Now Luca is still exploring the collage world, while still taking a look at other forms of art.

Exposition & Publication

  • 12/2016: Published in the ''Annual 2016'' book of CollageCollective Co.

  • 10/2016: Collaboration with Ivor Gallery, London, UK.

  • 10/2016: Group exhibition for ''Il buio e la Luce'' in ''Salotto dell'arte'', Cagliari, Italy.

  • 09/2016: Group exhibition for ''MAX music art festival'',Cagliari ,Italy.

  • 05/2016: Solo Exhibition in EXMA,Cagliri, Italy.

  • 01/2016: Interview for ''La locomotica'' magazine.


  • 2015-2016:  Several publications on the ICON Instagram account, a weekly magazine of  ELPAIS.


  • 11/2015: Group exhibition for ''Upcycling'', Madrid, Spain.


  • 03/2015: Group exhibition for ''La locomotiva'', Cagliari, Italy.


Photo ©Gaston Tagtachián

Photo  ©Gaston Tagtachián

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